About Me(EN)

Name: hikkiiy  日本語はこちら>>
Gender: Unknown
Age : 1
Favorite dishes : Tuna sushi without wasabi
Place of birth : Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo
Favorite music : Nujabes, Fujii Kaze
Hobby : Playing the piano
Favorite games : Mario Kart

Personality : A cat living independently and artistically. A narcissist who likes good-looking people, loves freedom and solitude. Usually coldhearted but sometimes affectionate.

Skills : Stay at bars drinking gimlet and watching people there. Sometimes become attached to a stranger, and then stay at his/her place. Might be natural charisma. But doesn’t like duty rooms because of its obsession with cleanliness.

Dislikes : don’t like people look down cats, for example those try to play with a cat toy, so do not take them seriously.
Suffer from a fare of highs. Often break a bone when jumping.
Bad at catching mice and being teased by them.

Date of birth : March 28, 2022

Favorite drinks : gimlet
Favorite artists : Yellow Magic Orchestra, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Born in Nishi-Azabu, head for Roppongi as a stray, but lost a territorial dispute to be almost dying. Being found and helped by a bar owner in front of Kaotan Ramen shop, barely escaped death.
Then became a mascot cat of the bar, being spoiled by the owner and customers.
Occasionally pester for tuna at a sushi restaurant nearby with extreme beautiful mewing. The winning percentage is 88.

Dreams (ambitions) : Become a top cat model of the world. Go on a trip first class around the world.
Believes itself a gentle and handsome cat, but never had a partner.